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  1. Boston
    How long do I have to accept a reserved trip before it is passed onto another driver? Extra stuff ↓ I received a reserved trip last night. The reserved trip pickup is not near the central city. The next day, I still haven’t accepted or denied the reserved trip. I get a separate ping to drive...
  2. Stories
    Putting sanctions on Putin is like UBER pausing my reservation requests. does it really make a difference?? :geek::geek:
  3. Brisbane
    Got woken up at 3am with a reservation request for 6am, 25min drive away for a 5min trip. This made me angry enough not to be able to get back to sleep even once my wife had tried to settle me with some chamomile tea. I decided to accept the reservation in an attempt to gain contact with this...
  4. Nashville
    I have noticed this week, (Oct 4) that the promotions have ended for Nashville. Can anyone else confirm that? Also, when I take a reservation, the "Reservations" tab under the 3bars disappears totally. Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Got back on the road after weeks today just to drive a reserved trip. Went online as requested by Uber 40 minutes before and instantly submerged by pings (supposedly toward the Reservation pick up location) I had to accept to keep my trip info details alive. After 2 shorties noticed my...
  6. Lyft
    I would like to take an Uber OR Lyft specifically in westland, mi to windsor airport and my flight there is 7:00am on July 17. I would like to get there at 6:00am in Windsor but I am not sure if I will find any drivers who are willing to cross the borders or even have their passport all the time...
  7. Rockland & Westchester
    To pick-up in NYC-Suburbs (Westchester or LI) or Upstate-NY (Rockland and points north), a resident of CT, NJ, or MA must exchange their current drivers license for one issued by NYS DMV, in-person. You will need to bring all required documents, pay the fee, and surrender your current drivers...
  8. Cleveland & Akron
    http://uzurv.com I signed up... Still not in the Cleveland area yet...
1-8 of 8 Results