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  1. Vehicles
    Hi all! If i get the new Lincoln Aviator, does it qualify for uber black SUV, here in California? I have a friend in Illinois and he said is eligible there, any thoughts?
  2. New York City
    Hi, I am 24 Years old and I got My driving License 6 months ago, Since then I have been driving all over the NYC almost everyday. Gained lot of experience all five Borough, I have a clean driving record and no criminal background. But My question is what are the minimum driver requirement...
  3. Sydney
    I have a working holiday visa and a driver licence. I've been driving for more than 1 year here in Sydney. My vehicle is 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Manual. Can I be a Uber driver? and can I use my car for Uber?
  4. Singapore
    I would like to arrange a daily pickup to and from my son's school for 3 children and 1 adult. The details would be as follows: Outbound: Time: 6:50am Pickup: Siglap area, Frankel Estate Destination: North Spring Primary School, 1 Rivervale St, Singapore 545088 Return: Time: 2pm Pickup: North...
  5. Sydney
    Just wondering if anyone knows the ruling for age of a vehicle for uber x says on the site Are 10 years old or less (2007 model or newer as of 2017) so 2007 - is this the build date or compliance date (many cars are built in 2006 but by the time they get to Australia and complianced for use...
  6. Salt Lake City
    Okay... So I set out this morning after watching the Rider App for awhile and seeing for over an hour that there were consistently 7 or 8 Select drivers within just a few miles of my location. I thought "well, this is my first day, so I'll just head out and see what happens". I needed to fuel...
  7. New York City
    Are trouble lights required for UberX TLC inspection?
1-7 of 7 Results