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  1. Detroit
    In the city of Detroit would it be worth getting the rental car program and drive for the company. Wouldn't I essentially be paying for the car fee instead of getting paid? If someone could go a little in depth with how I would have to balance it out that would help. Thanks.
  2. Philadelphia
    In select markets Lyft offers ExpressDrive, where they pay for the rental as long as you hit your quota of so many rides. However, this program is not available in philly, yet :( So, is it possible to rent a vehicle, drive for both lyft and uber AND still make money(after taking $40-50 daily...
  3. Boston
    Maybe I joined at a bad time but I had 7 rides in 4 hours yesterday. Considering the bonus you get with 75+ rides a week (basically a free rental), I don't mind pools but overall, I can't even secure rides, nevermind descent trips. What would folks advice? Return it and come back mid-Jan? Can...
  4. Las Vegas
    The best deal I've seen so far, after 65 rides, it's free, insurance and maintenance included. For Lyft drivers, is 65 rides in a week seems not doable in Vegas? Seems like GM should have partnered with Uber instead since they've got the majority of the RS customer base. " The two companies...
1-4 of 4 Results