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  1. Stories
    I drop someone off at airport departures, and get a rematch. I’m on my way around to the arrivals lane, when I start getting texts from the guy. He says he’s on the enterprise bus, and on his way over. Then another text - “on my way”. Then a third - “be there soon”. So I’m thinking he knows I...
  2. Lyft
    I’ve never gotten a rematch from Lyft. Looks like it’s time to stay on line for rides to the airport. I hope this is a permanent change. Has anybody else seen this?
  3. Seattle
    If I add a different car to my FUber account and get it inspected, will I still get rematches even though the new car doesn't yet have a TNC windshield sticker? If so, does the Port require a TNC sticker for rematches regardless? Will FUber apply for the new car's TNC sticker on my behalf (as...
  4. Brisbane
    I the rematch king! I request myself twice today, from DFO to airport. On both time I get rematch! Not bad for $16 (2 x min fare to myself). I make $250 in 6hr while the sucker wait in air park....
  5. Melbourne
    Have you heard about this feature? Apparently the deathstar can allocate airport pickups to you so long as it is less than 5 minutes from your drop off. In that case you jump straight to the front of AP queue. Result = Ants lined up at departure ramp for 5 minutes before moving off. Mr Wilson...
  6. Canberra
    In-app message sent by Uber to Canberra drivers on Tuesday 25 September 2018: More information about CBR Airport: https://www.uber.com/en-AU/drive/canberra/airports/canberra-airport/ Jack Malarkey comments: It will be interesting to see whether Ola matches Rematch, which will shorten the...
  7. Seattle
    Starting June 1, Uber driver-partners who accept an Uber Re-Match trip at Sea-Tac Airport are now able to pick up riders using the south entrance to get to the TNC/Rideshare zone. Drivers coming from the holding lot should follow the onscreen directions to pick up your rider. Re-Match South...
  8. Seattle
    Last year, I recall seeing an Uber instructional message about how to get rematches that told us we could get a rematch ping by exiting the terminal and then driving around again to re-enter it. I get rematches without having to do this, but when I do try driving around and re-entering the AP...
  9. New Orleans
    I was on a destination ride to the airport and when I got there it said destination mode expired, like it usually does. But this time there was a red block of text that I couldn't see and I wasn't rematched when I cleared screen. Any of you know what's up?
  10. Denver
    So this morning around 8 am I dropped a passenger off at DHL on 75th on lyft. As I pull out of the parking lot there i get a ping to pick up at airport door 613. Was this just some glitch or is there testing for a rematch.
  11. Phoenix
    I got my first Lyft rematch on Sunday and thought wow, no 50 drivers in a circle jerk today? Then today twice got rematched, this time I looked and saw the 50 drivers jerking them selves off! I took a short ride to Tempe, better than driving for free!
  12. Phoenix
    Ok.... All of us full time drivers and those who like the airport runs are all complaining about the rematch. Nobody likes cutting in line. It's awesome if you get a ride in but it's not fair to those in queue who are waiting up to three hours. Setting the destination filter to PHX Skyharbor...