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  1. Coronavirus
    If society gets back to normal before June, not much will change, I imagine. But what if it does go on longer? Will people stop meeting as many new potential partners? Will online-only relationships proliferate? Will more babies be born? Will people fall in love with their partners again? Will...
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    https://jalopnik.com/gm-dumped-500-million-into-lyft-but-its-not-really-wor-1826793919 Both General Motors and Lyft have ambitious goals to commercialize autonomous taxis in some way, but after teaming up more than two years ago, with the former investing $500 million in the latter, it seems...
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  4. News
    http://www.businessinsider.com/uber-met-sec-about-drivers-equity-in-company-2017-6 Uber drivers could get stock in the company.Robert Galbraith/Reuters Uber has met with the SEC about the possibility of giving drivers equity in the company, according to an Axios report, citing an anonymous...