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  1. Dallas
    All - I appreciate your responses and experiences... I recently began driving for Uber (after a successful first month with Lyft also). Lyft never had a problem recognizing when I went on the SRT or DNT and always captures tolls. Foolishly, I assumed UBER did the same thing. However, a week...
  2. Taxes
    When the driver app doesn't recognize the tollways you've passed through, you have to submit a Fare Review, usually accompanied by a screenshot of your toll statement. Once approved, they display your reimbursement amount in the "Promotions" box of the app. Does this mean I'm now having to pay...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So I had a discussion with a woman at the Uber Eats "help" line last night after a particularly frustrating time trying to find parking to bring a lady her free burger (It was madness last night with the free burger "event"). I called and told her that I have spent maybe 30 to 40 dollars on...
1-3 of 3 Results