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  1. Miami
    Yesterday I had a guys luggage in my trunk. Today when I look in my trunk I notice his roller wheel must have had gum stuck to it because there is a line of gum on the carpet of my trunk. (It was nighttime when I picked him up and I didn't see it at the time). Should I tell Uber and ask for him...
  2. Advice
    If you notice it's suddenly gone from the Dashboard, and you complain to Support, they will likely give it back.
  3. Hampton Roads
    While "on the system" this weekend I got a request that was 8 minutes away (I was near ODU) from a rider in Portsmouth. I accepted the fare, crossed the tunnel to get to the rider. Picked up the rider only to take the rider less than a mile over to High St. for the minimum $5.90 fare. After...
1-3 of 3 Results