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  1. Dallas
    I have a black car with tan interior. If the interior was black, it would be an UBERBLACK car. I qualified for UBERSELECT for a reason. I refuse to take UBERX requests. If all UBERSELECT drivers would do this, we wouldn't have 20,000 UBERX drivers in Dallas, TX.
  2. News
    Thought I'd try to post some useful information in a less cluttered fashion about ADA requirements and the distinction made between service animals and therapy/comfort/companion animals. A few FAQ answers from the ADA itself that I've seen crop up and cause disagreement in the community at...
  3. News
    SAN FRANCISCO -Uber and advocates for the blind have reached a lawsuit settlement in which the ride-hailing company agrees to require that existing and new drivers confirm they understand their legal obligations to transport riders with guide dogs or other service animals, an advocacy group...
  4. Stories
    I would consider myself a pleasant professional driver, as backed up by my 4.9 rating. Occasionally though I might see the red mist and I wonder if I'm actually as nice as I thought or slowly being corrupted and jaded by Uber. I accept a request and see that the pin is in the center of a...
1-4 of 4 Results