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  1. Advocacy
  2. UberEATS
    I was getting SLAMMED with pings for a delivery that was 12 minutes from my location tonight and I declined it four times. It was one of those "guaranteed minimum" pieces of crap. I just kept screaming at my phone "I'm not driving 12 minutes for a stupid McDonald's order to get screwed!!!" Lol...
  3. Chicago
    No, not about a ping from Sidetrack. Anyone ever refuse, rebuke, or lock the door on smokers? I can't stand it when I pull up, someone is smoking and they take one last drag on their cigarette (which they just flick on the ground) before getting in my car. If I can afford to refuse all Pool...
  4. Denver
    Lots of opinions out there about how to handle POOL and LINE rides. Please answer these poll questions. Perhaps consensus will reveal some truth.
1-5 of 5 Results