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  1. Advice
    Have any of you made any actual money referring drivers who stuck it out with either Uber or Lyft?
  2. Pay
    Drivers frequently (justifiably) complain that Uber, Lyft, etc. do not pay enough for a "living wage" with the risks we are forced to take. Here are ideas to legally increase your earnings (mostly) while driving from other sources. I may add to it irregularly in the future. Note: "soliciting"...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    It's like mini Christmas every now and then.
  4. San Francisco
    What happened to this forum? It seems there's never a decent discussion anymore and most posts consist of drivers bashing each other or whining about Trump. What happened to the interesting stories and driver commoraderie ?! So negative & unevolved recently. Is this what we've surrendered to?
  5. Pay
    Hi guys, DailyPay here. We're launching a new program and wanted to get some feedback from you guys…. As folks on this forum know, DailyPay currently offers payments for Drivers who work on Uber and/or DoorDash. Last week, DailyPay launched DailyPay for Restaurants nationwide. This...
  6. Sydney
    Get Picked Up (GPU) have a new promo running offering 5% ongoing commission on client referrals - and we are looking for drivers! If clients sign up with a drivers referral code they; Become a preferred driver for all future bookings. (meaning you are offered it first) Receive 5% commission...
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Forgive me if this is supposed to be ya ya obvious, but I can't find the "fine print" for referral protocol anywhere. Just like Uber to hide its actual rules and regs. Would it be against the rules for me to "share" a referral bonus after the fact with a new driver? I started putting this...
1-7 of 7 Results