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  1. Pay
    So much for the opportunity for making money through affiliate marketing links...
  2. Washington DC
    So I just got blown up today about the Cargo Launch. In true Uber/Lyft fashion they are having a Launch party....tomorrow...during the day....they announced it 24 hours in advanced...surprised they didn't announce it when it was half way over. Private message me if I've ever said anything of...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi everyone. I have been trying to find out whether or not Canadian uberX drivers make any money off of referral fees for new customers. My understanding is that drivers in the US do get paid to give out their referral #'s to get new customers for uberX. I went to the uBer Greenlight Hub...
  4. Advice
    Hello All, This is my first ever message on this forum, so please excuse me for anything that doesn't follow the norm/standards here. I enrolled to Uber Driving sometime in June 2016 and at that time, I didn't know anyone who drove for Uber personally who would refer me. I searched online and...
  5. Advice
    Hey there I have an issue with one of my referrals ($100) that Uber doesn't feel like paying for it, I'm wondering how to contact headquarters as every e-mail I write is forwarded to the local office (Colombia). P.S: no I did not forget to put the referral code. Thanks
  6. Advice
    I couldn't find any other threads on this specifically. I've thought about setting up my own facebook add for Uber but with my referral code on it for my local market. Anyone know if that's against any terms? I can't find anything that says you CAN'T but maybe someone else has tried...
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I'm about to sign up. I don't even know the bonus but if they're asking for it, it must be something, right? Who's got one?
  8. Advice
    Hi everyone! I am new to the driver invite promo and could use some advise on where I can post it that's not going to cost an arm and a leg. I did some advertising on facebook but that can get rather pricey since I only got one acceptance out of over 2,000 views! Can anyone give some suggestions?
  9. Advice
    I was wondering if I encounter a rider that has never used a $20 referral code if they can use mine to get the free ride while they are in my vehicle? Can they enter my code while they are actually on the ride with me? If so, do I earn a free ride each time and do they keep adding up for me? Thx
  10. Pay
    Hey All, First post here! I am a Lyft and Uber driver in RI. This may not be for all markets and some of the incentives maybe different. In RI Lyft allows you to give new Lyft riders a $50.00 Free Lyft Ride and the driver that refers the passenger gets $10.00. Lyft is not as popular in RI...
  11. Pay
    Hi guys, DailyPay here. We're launching a new program and wanted to get some feedback from you guys…. As folks on this forum know, DailyPay currently offers payments for Drivers who work on Uber and/or DoorDash. Last week, DailyPay launched DailyPay for Restaurants nationwide. This...
  12. Sydney
    Get Picked Up (GPU) have a new promo running offering 5% ongoing commission on client referrals - and we are looking for drivers! If clients sign up with a drivers referral code they; Become a preferred driver for all future bookings. (meaning you are offered it first) Receive 5% commission...
  13. Dallas
    I am just curious, who here drives UberX but not Lyft? What is the reasoning behind it? I picked up a Lyft pax last weekend and the guy claimed he drove UberX, but was taking his first Lyft ride because he had just learned about them. Obviously, I offered him my Driver Referral Code for Lyft...
  14. Lyft
    When i started uber. As long as i started driving by the first 5 days i got $50 added to my first weeks pay. Does Lyft do anything like this? I didn't have a referral code for Uber. I'm planning on signing up for lyft. Moderator edit: Welcome to UberPeople.NET, if you like what you have found...
  15. Phoenix
    I heard a Lyft ad on the radio this morning. They're advertising themselves as the rideshare preferred by drivers and offering a $200 bonus without a referral code. The referral code bonus is $500 (feel free to PM me if you want a code). Also, they highlight the ability to tip in-app.
  16. Baton Rouge
    I wanted to know how anyone driving for lyft felt about the "opt in" program for hourly guarantees they are doing currently ($25-$30/hour). I've been doing it this week and believe that it will be more profitable than not opting in, but am not certain because I don't believe they let you use...
  17. Advice
    Is my driver referral code the same as my rider referral code? I can't seem to find my rider referral code, only the invite code to be a driver. I think I can make more money getting riders to sign up and get 20 $ off.
  18. Brisbane
    Was going to join uber in Brisbane, then realised I don't have an invite code. Anyone have one that I can use during registration, I think it's $200 that you get for referring someone (me), which you may or may not want to split :p. Cheers. Thanks, and happy New Year!
  19. Ratings
    Can someone please clarify if your RATINGS as a Driver are affected by the other Drivers you REFER? I wanted someone to get a bonus for my joining but can't seem to figure out why people wouldn't want to take advantage of an easy referral. I really don't know many personally who drive for a...
  20. Technology
    When I logged in to my account a couple weeks ago, my referral code changed. I have been doing a lot of work to promote my original referral code so I am quite disappointed. Has this happened to anyone else? I am also unable to figure out how to change it back to my original one.
1-20 of 20 Results