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  1. UberEATS
    If one of your referrals shows on the dashboard "Needs to finish signing up" does that mean they are currently waiting on their background check or did they just completely abandon the sign up process after initially creating an account?
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    "That's right, Toonces-the-cat. For a limited-time, invite a friend to drive with Uber and take home $100 extra, on top of your standard $500 referral reward." I am sure by now you have all gotten the e-mail with promises of easy money. Each friend you refer will ultimately impact your...
  3. Sydney
    Hi Everyone, I just noticed that the driver/partner referral fee in Sydney just went from $200 to $100. I noticed it last night (2nd Feb 2017) but I know it was higher a few days ago. Can anyone confirm if they have a different amount? I'm just curious to know if the same promotion applies...
  4. Advice
    Where do I find my personal code to send for first time riders? While I can find the driver referral code, I can't find it for the rider.
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    The big U keeps pestering me to bring my friends on board. They promise riches. Well I am not falling for it. The more people on the road, the less money you make. Supply kills the surge. So remember, you may be lucky to get a $500.00 payoff but over the long run you are cutting your...
  6. Orlando
    We used to be able to offer first ride up to $20 off. They changed that to $15. And we have to compete against uber too. They would offer free rides when people downloaded the app.. And offer this today at ucf area... $20 off for new semester. Image below. Not to mention all the other offers...
  7. Pay
    One thing I am not sure most uber drivers understand. We are most like a franchise. Every time we refer a drive for whatever pay or reward we get, we are cutting into our own profit. Imagine being a franchise owner who helped your parent company start multiple new franchises identical to yours...
1-7 of 7 Results