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  1. Miami
    If I recall correctly, the FL Supreme Court decided that red light traffic tickets were considered unconstitutional. Family member have told me that theirs have been immediately dismissed upon taking them to court. If that is the case, why are certain municipalities still allowed to send out...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Just a quick note... since it is all of a sudden really fashionable to be kind to Russians. I thought I would dig out my Mao Watch, its' RED too. The hand actually waves. Let me know if you want a video of the RED WAVE.
  3. Washington DC
    Caps win the Eastern Finals lets gooooo #stanleycup
  4. Technology
    All of the sudden a red dot has shown up in the upper left corner where the menu button is. Anyone else have this and what does it mean? All paperwork is okay on auto and didn't get any email or text from Uber that anything is wrong. Any idea?
1-4 of 4 Results