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reagan airport
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  1. Washington DC
    Did a dropoff nearby. 2.0X surge showing at airport with 2 cars showing in queue. Traffic was FUBAR at 10 Took 15 minutes to GTFO there. Never even made it to the culturally inclusive TNC lot. You"ve been warned.
  2. Washington DC
    I did a dropoff in Crystal City and saw that Reagan Airport on both Uber and Lyft was surging. Get into the lot turn both apps on. Uber the little pin had said there were 7 cars, queue says 15. Shocked at Uber lies. Lyft I got a message on the app telling me to go to the airport and I'll get a...
  3. Washington DC
    Be careful out there. I known that entrance from the GW Pkwy to the airport road speed limit drops quickly. Make sure you guys are being cautious. Lots of cops are pulling people over at the entry point.
1-3 of 3 Results