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  1. Chicago
    My proposal to help relieve congestion at the pit, during busy times (Flow chart attached): Monitoring ORD cameras would watch TNP lot to detect busy times, and ORD security personnel could maintain a computer file to allow or prohibit re-match, based on conditions. Uber/Lyft ping allocation...
  2. Seattle
    Starting June 1, Uber driver-partners who accept an Uber Re-Match trip at Sea-Tac Airport are now able to pick up riders using the south entrance to get to the TNC/Rideshare zone. Drivers coming from the holding lot should follow the onscreen directions to pick up your rider. Re-Match South...
  3. Portland
    First time I've driven in a couple of weeks. My 2nd trip was one to PDX. Right after I dropped off the passenger, I got a ping! So I looped back using the "Back to Terminal" lane, then picked up the passenger. Bam! Done deal. I wasn't sure how the whole "Re-Match" thing was going to work...
1-3 of 3 Results