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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So I haven't received a report in months. Yesterday I received one star and three reports? One for pickup experience, one for navigation, one for driving? I'm guessing it's the person that gave me the one star that just totally slammed me. Just annoying and unfair.
  2. Ratings
    I've read where other drivers mention going back to rate pax within 24 hours after the trip. How is this done? I know how to rate pax immediately at the end of the trip. But I cannot find in the driver app where I can rate pax who I didn't rate immediately after their ride ended and it is...
  3. Ratings
    The delivery rating system is odd and flawed IMO. I understand late pick-ups and deliveries are almost always unavoidable but they still penalise you for it (most of the time it's because of traffic), but I recently got penalised for not bringing a bag to certain locations. But this is...
  4. Australia
    I was told by the green light angel that once your rating is below 4.65 the first time you’ll be called back to attand another training, and after that if you still can’t make it you’ll be suspended or kicked out. Anyone know someone actually be expelled ? That’ll be some real shit.
  5. San Francisco
    I rate PAX 1☆ if I never want to see them again. I never want to see pax again if... Pax is standing in red zone and pax loading zone is in walking distance. Or any pax in a red zone. If pax is over 60 seconds late to the pin. Doesn't matter which platform. And yes I count to 60 in my...
1-5 of 5 Results