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  1. Seattle
    Newish feature on Lyft now lets a driver rate pax up to 24 hours after a ride. And you can add a message, too. I sent all 3 of my rides a quick "Thanks so much, etc..." Seems like the right thing to do and, hopefully, it encourages them to do it more often. I like this.
  2. New Jersey
    Just wondering how many notes and badges you have from the pax. I have around 100
  3. News
    Please take the poll. http://gizmodo.com/some-uber-drivers-are-changing-rider-ratings-in-retalia-1797597564 Some Uber Drivers Are Changing Rider Ratings in Retaliation for Bad Reviews August 7 2017 by Jennings Brown You might want to think twice before giving a driver a low rating. It could...
  4. Washington DC
    2am Sunday morning had a lyft Line to SE D.C. Almost finished the ride when got a call from the guy's girlfriend "Erica" saying I had to return to the pickup because he'd left his apartment keys with her. I tell her I'll end the trip and gave her the address to rebook me back to her (ten...
  5. Stories
    Hi. I need to tell uber drivers something from a pax perspective. It's important because it's something that's happening that can affect how pax rate you. I use Uber a lot. And I used to have a 5.0 star rating. Until I had 2 drivers who brought it down to 4.97. What's the problem, you ask...
  6. Atlanta
    UberPOOL pax gave me 3 stars for navigation, my payment was $2.80... She said in her complaint: Uber driver did not arrive at the correct pickup location. However, I was there at the correct pickup address that she entered. She was the one that entered a wrong pickup address giving me a lower...
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I know most drivers have their own set of limits on how many stars minimum a pax must have to accept the pin, for me has always been 4.5 and have always worked out good. Now I just noticed something today, it happen also on this past weekend but I didn't pay much attention cuz I was really busy...
  8. Stories
    last night I drove both Lyft and Uber. My Lyft paxs were awesome. The two uber pax sucked. First time since I started driving have I experienced pax that sucked (other the the drunk Chicago guys). First uber pax was airport pickup. Was already at airport dropping off Lyft pax. Got out of car...
1-9 of 9 Results