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  1. Melbourne
    Hi everyone, I'm a rider and I've noticed a trend that I think some drivers should be told about :( There's one nationality dominating driving Ubers in Melbourne and they just don't understand what to say and ask like there's no boundaries. To give you a bit of a background, I'm in my twenties...
  2. Miami
    Keep getting more and more riders that wreak of ganja on trip request lately. Some smell so strong that I have actually turned down additional pool request on the trip that they are on just to spare the new passenger from the smell. Always ends up driving around after for about 10 minutes with...
  3. Seattle
    Newish feature on Lyft now lets a driver rate pax up to 24 hours after a ride. And you can add a message, too. I sent all 3 of my rides a quick "Thanks so much, etc..." Seems like the right thing to do and, hopefully, it encourages them to do it more often. I like this.
  4. Melbourne
    Hi All, A little rant here - I use uber to get to work every morning. The trip is rather short - 10 min at most and I have to get a car because there is no pedestrian access - so it's not safe to walk. I have been doing this for almost a year. At first I noticed (when I checked only, about...
  5. Tampa
    There was an episode once, in that great TV series, where Don Draper recalled, as a child - a wandering hobo passing through his town. The guy was a soft-spoken, honest hobo, just looking to do chores for a hot meal or two. Don's father belittled the man, but hired him to do a few things. Don...
1-5 of 5 Results