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  1. Ratings
    I feel like this relates to some us drivers when we unfairly received bad ratings for things out of our control, but we just brush the dust off our shoulders and life goes on.
  2. Ratings
    I'm thankful that I don't really get matched with lousy PAX on Uber that often, but few weeks ago, I gave a PAX three stars (I don't want to be matched with this PAX ever again) for reeking of marijuana scent and that the scent hinders my judgment when driving. Afterwards, my ratings dropped by...
  3. London
    I have recently start working with Uber and first thing came in my mind over weekend night that how is it possible to get a good or bad rating by a rider who is drunk, and those rating goes to drivers profile , adjusting his or her rating up and down. Shocked that a multi billion dollar company...
1-3 of 3 Results