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  1. Pay
    What are the parallels between trucking and the ride-sharing and courier industries? Huge Hint: rideshare and courier are considered spot rates now in all the new Upfront Fares markets as of 2022. Why This Economic Cycle is Different for Trucking
  2. Complaints
    I took a trip at 9:00 pm to EDC. Traffic was terrible, lane going there barely move. There are dirt road, with stones and potholes. I arrive at the destination at 10:15 pm. Uber only paid $26.93 because it took a dynamic rate of 3.25. The client paid a total of $ 50.80. Then I was there...
  3. Dallas
    Ants, I feel all of the frustration from the ants stemming from pay rates and I do believe pay is too low to be profitable in the long run. I would like to have a thoughtful conversation around this topic instead of ranting with system 1 knee-jerk commentary about simply raising rates as if that...
  4. Philadelphia
    We don't stick together!!! Shore Jersey rates, Delaware rates higher??? Beaches??? Philadelphia, lots of attractions. Until we refuse to drive For those rates, they will keep lowering those. Yes you probably are right. You have convinced yourself that we can't do anything about this. So we...
  5. Brisbane
    Hows the price at the pump? We’re all a minimum $50 worse off a week that 4mths ago...
  6. San Francisco
    NO RIDES. F*?k you Uber. I'm going back to sleep. Keep your $12 consecutive ride bonus. Any driver willing to give rush hour rides for base is a sucker.
  7. Pay
    That's what I'll be shouting at Uber headquarters. Charlotte, NC needs higher rates. UberX drivers make 60 cents a mile and 11 cents a minute before expenses. We deserve better!!! Uber is not amazing. It sucks! They exploit drivers. Meanwhile Uber is taking in 40-50 percent or more of each...
  8. Dallas
    So i'm watching the airport, cue is going down. I stay offline waiting for the 2X. Then the unimaginable happened, cue starts building from the f*ing ants. I say f it, go ant it as well. Of course I got a long trip & pax didn't even care about the price{pax is a surgeon}. I cried on my 5...
1-8 of 8 Results