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  1. Advocacy
    Start earning as soon as you tap Accept Your time is valuable. But right now, you only earn when there's a passenger in your car. On August 21, we're updating the way your pay is calculated so you can earn for more of the time you spend driving. LEARN MORE...
  2. Brisbane
    So I started I fare before picking up someone because it started the pick up timer when I was 2 blocks away and took 4min to get to the passenger. So I started the fare to prevent the rider being charged as I wasn't even there yet. Then the prick gave me low stars and dispute the fare and Uber...
  3. San Francisco
    So I wanted to look back at how my trips would be affected with the new pay cuts, and as far as I can tell, they replaced my earnings with the new rates! Isn't this illegal somehow? See the attachment for a Sunday trip in October, well before this week's S*** Show.
  4. Philadelphia
    1. I would like to keep the posts in this thread to a minimum because further information will follow. I would also ask for no one to post any thing until I do another post. I don't want to cloud the organization of this. 2. I am also not trying to undermine other threads that are talking about...
  5. New York City
    For anyone who cares the slightest bit about this industry, my fellow brothers and sisters of the Tender Loving Care (TLC) society, this is OUR week!!. There are 3 things happening this week in which we all can come united and defeat ubers antics for good!. If you cant make it to the first...
  6. Tips
    read my email! this is one of 5 email i sent to Uber today
  7. Houston
    Last night and mostly all week I stayed out of Midtown -Houston city limits. Proof that working in suburbs is a better experience. My rating went up and received all 5 stars. And tips. Not as crazy busy as midtown but the rides are longer. For now I'll post my Pokemon inspired compliments.
  8. Miami
    Just got this email from Lyft... I think I might just stop driving until the high season starts again Competitive Strategy Update With colleges on break, summer can be a slower season for rides - and we've got all hands on deck to help. We know from testing prices in the past that...
  9. Complaints
    I was trying to get the Lyft guarantees tonight, but the rides were not coming on Lyft, so I turn on the Uber app and right away I get a ping. I pick up these two ladies nearby and they want me to take them to their house so they can pick up a few things and then go to Modesto, CA from...
1-9 of 9 Results