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  1. Washington DC
    Forgive me father for I have sinned. 1)It has been two days since I have shuffled 2)Accepted a Line/Pool 3)Picked up at a Supermarket 4)Loaded luggage at an airport Please have mercy on a poor sinners soul. Edit: not meant to be offensive and I did not know about the history of person's...
  2. Washington DC
    Noticed lately Lyft not surging past dull pink lately while Uber is a dark orange to red not surge if its just me but makes me bring out the tin foil hat and think it is just me...idk any conspriasits out there that can back me up on this one
  3. Washington DC
    Sitting at the DCA pigpen for a potty/smoke break when I see an ant in line for the bathroom get a ping and take off running like a dog after a ball for a ride didnt even use the bathroom like seriously dude wtf you running like 2 minutes will make a difference..stupid ants
  4. Washington DC
    Dont be this guy Like seriously there are lots of open spaces dont be a FHP him and the rest of the (censored) drivers who think they can park in the middle of the lot where YOUR SUPPOSED TO DRIVE
  5. Washington DC
    Up in the Bmore hogpit got a glimpse of the Mythical Tesla sitting here as a reminder we will never make money with Uber unless we are retired and use it as a tax shelter..To the driver if you on here nice ride btw!
  6. UberEATS
    If allowed... driving for UberEats can become more & more frustrating by the day for most drivers. And for all you irresponsible homosapiens that can't adult, do something constructive with yourselves. For example prior to ordering take-out for deliver.. 1. Learn and memorize the exact f*ck!ng...
  7. Miami
    How is everyone doing during the boat show? Any helpful tips? Staying away? Real time updates for this weekend.
1-7 of 7 Results