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  1. Technology
    Later in the evening, I wish I could accept only pickups (and destinations if known), that are home-side of a line through me and perpendicular to the line from me to home, so I can work my way home. It is just math, and computers are way fast. Essentially, in place of a pick up circle, I...
  2. Dallas
    Is there a difference between uberX and UberSelect on how far away can riders ping you? I go online in Denton with my select account, then I check on Uber rider app how far away can people see me as X or as Select. Usually I am visible about 3 miles around as X, and about 5 to 6 miles as...
  3. Charlotte
    I've been told that Uber will work in Rock Hill. Does anyone know if this is true? Are there set boundaries for driving? I've gone online in RH, but never seen any fares. I don't know if that's just because there aren't any riders, or if because Uber disallows it.
1-3 of 3 Results