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  1. Stories
    Last Tuesday Valentine's day I got pinged, the address to pick up the pax was on the Interstate, I was about to called when he called me, he asked if I could bring some gas to his location, I told him I didn't carry a gas can but he asked me to buy one, fill it with gas and deliver to him and he...
  2. Houston
    I thought when it rains you get more money? WHERE IS THE EXTRA MONEY?????:(
  3. Complaints
    If the storm develops to its full potential and takes a track just off the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts, then a blizzard can unfold. The storm could shut down highways and perhaps cause airports to close. This is the type of storm that is likely to produce a very heavy rate of snow...
  4. Cleveland & Akron
    So this morning I had to pick up a young lady from Battery Park and drop her off at the Greyhound sounds easy although I wasn't prepared for the surge the instant my ride was done I'm not the type to cancel or ignore a potential fare but they just kept coming back to back my final ride was from...
1-4 of 4 Results