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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    So with the re-opening entering Stage 2 today, will it be a busy weekend? Have at it, boys & girls. I am out of the Ridehail game for this weekend, even with the shitty weather, I am going to take a 5 day break from driving and catching up on my reading and lager consumption.
  2. Philadelphia
    Tonight I saw at least 7 accidents. Most of them on I-95 near PHL. Be safe out there. Fact: hydroplaning can occur when driving at 35 MPH or faster.
  3. Boston
    So, I decided awhile ago that it was no longer a good idea to drive when it rains because the risk/reward no longer makes sense. I have little doubt that Uber supresses the surge during weather events due to some public ignorance that occurred during storms last winter. It takes much longer to...
  4. Autonomous
    When they do their 2018 public release in Arizona (which will be about 100 square miles centered around the Phoenix area), the cars will be driverless without operators. They made it pretty clear that the only humans in the car will be the riders who hail the Waymo. As of this point, the focus...
  5. Washington DC
    anybody been around there lately?
  6. Miami
    Be careful out there Miami. And turn off your app when it rains. No need to drive anyone inn bad weather at base rate... Tornados forecast for Sunday.
  7. Atlanta
    Where the hell are these idiot PAX standing? Do they not use sidewalks anymore? I feel like every PAX is coming home from a tough mudder event... ...and then you have to wonder, how many idiot pax are going to leave 'cleanliness' complaints after the PAX before them f-d up the car.
  8. Washington DC
    This message isn't so much for the regular Deplorables on this board, but for the lurking White Earpiece Brigade member reading this while dropping a deuce in the urinal somewhere: *clears throat* IF YOU CAN'T DRIVE IN THE ***ING RAIN GET OFF THE GODDAMN ROAD!!!!!! YOU'RE A ****ING HAZARD...
  9. Flex
    When no one is home and there isn't a spot with a roof to leave the package, which is more important: Dry packages? Or your success rate? Toady I chose the latter when I saw a UPS package was already sitting there soaked.
  10. Philadelphia
    It rained/snowed just this past Friday and Saturday, it rained the weekend before last. weather.com is saying rain on the next two weekends... this rain is killing me. I'm mostly a weekend driver and i don't do it in the rain. Do y'all drive in the rain? I feel like the potholes are too hard to...
  11. UberEATS
    Since I took yesterday off, this was my welcome to 2018. . 0 tips on 8 deliveries tonight. Hasn't happened to me in awhile. And, it was nasty weather in South Florida tonight. Well, I'll remember all of you. Next time it's raining your food is gonna be soggy and my delivery bag will stay in...
  12. Toronto (Ontario)
    Anyone got any ideas on keeping the outside of the car as clean and tidy as possible during the thaw-freeze cycles we get here in London??? A daily wash may help - but it's also going to get very expensive, very quickly!
  13. New York City
    I'm seeing and always see these clueless drivers driving around with dangerously fogged up windows because they don't know how to use the climate control system. All you have to do is set the temperature to 68° or 72° and press AUTO. The system will take care of your fogged up windows and...
  14. Indianapolis
    Only been driving a couple times. its supposed to rain tonight. will it surge? is it worth driving?
  15. Los Angeles & Orange County
    8654 N SAN FERNANDO RD; https://goo.gl/maps/oQKgfcohcL32; #SunValley; 10 vehicles stuck. Over a dozen firefighters from various apparatus quickly converged and rescued at least 8 people trapped by swift moving water. No one required hospital transport. San Fernando Rd x Tuxford St is impassable...
  16. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Not very much surge for this weather. I say, let em walk.
  17. San Diego
    Good evening all, I was wondering what I could expect from the rain tomorrow here in San Diego. Part time Driver and because of my kids I can only work in the mornings to early evening, basically 9-5. Honestly what type of money/number of fares can I expect in the central San Diego area and...
  18. San Francisco
    Many moons ago, in the Pre-Trumpapocalypse era, (aka March 2016), as the ancient drivers used to tell us, that rain meant surge all over, so powerful! So red! So many Pax paying 3.2x or so... Happy drivers would reap the many dollars on those glorious days But now, no more surge when it...
  19. Washington DC
    It's already surging and most likely it ll be surging all day long with this storm. I leave you all this surge fillas. I'm staying home safe. Not gonna risk my life and my car for füber mafia. Enjoy making money people.
  20. Chicago
    Rain has been in the forecast the last couple of days...And Nothing, well nothing significant! Uber has been sending texts about this and urge us to get online. When it rains I do well. Let's do this and stop teasing universe!
1-20 of 22 Results