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  1. Atlanta
    Where the hell are these idiot PAX standing? Do they not use sidewalks anymore? I feel like every PAX is coming home from a tough mudder event... ...and then you have to wonder, how many idiot pax are going to leave 'cleanliness' complaints after the PAX before them f-d up the car.
  2. Washington DC
    This message isn't so much for the regular Deplorables on this board, but for the lurking White Earpiece Brigade member reading this while dropping a deuce in the urinal somewhere: *clears throat* IF YOU CAN'T DRIVE IN THE ***ING RAIN GET OFF THE GODDAMN ROAD!!!!!! YOU'RE A ****ING HAZARD...
  3. Washington DC
    Brilliant . I love rain surge. #UberFail
1-3 of 3 Results