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  1. New York City
    So you've decided to end your journey as a glorious and highly respected ant. 🐜 This simple guide will help you in ending your FHV driving mistake. So you can be a normal functioning citizen on the sidewalks of new york once again. (bicyclist excluded) This guide assumes you wish to...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Haven't driven since last November. The vehicle inspection is past due and my drivers license in the system expires soon. I've not bothered updating either (my license is renewed but I haven't bothered informing Uber). Due to these lack of updates my account is suspended and I'm not going to...
  3. Stories
    I woke up at 4 a.m. to drive on a Sunday morning. The first pink that I got was 16 minutes away from where I was. The second thing I got was 6 minutes away from where I was and I took it, it was a airport trip to Fort Lauderdale. When I got to the airport it was so crowded, I suggested that I...
  4. Surge
    The NEW surge is TOTAL BULLSHIT and a rip-off! Uber continues to be a dishonest partner, despite all the promises made to improve.. Nothing has improved, actually quite the opposite - everything takes a turn to worse !!! Fuel prices are at $3.20 per gallon for regular (Uber price calculation is...
  5. News
    European UberEats chief quits: https://news.sky.com/story/ubereats-chief-becomes-latest-exec-to-quit-ride-hailing-app-11149969
  6. Advice
    I want to quit before I start driving Will i get charged for canceling early
  7. Atlanta
    Hello Atlanta Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are recruiting Chauffeurs / Independent Limousine Operators for lucrative contract jobs with major Limousine companies who need affiliates and luxury TNC's app's. On the spot Interviews being held in Atlanta May 8th - May 22nd We are only...
  8. Canberra
    Well, I called it and made it official. After 5 months of not driving, I decided to give it away. Went to the help page to find out how to resign and the best I option I could come up with was "Remove a driver-partner from my profile". So I did. I removed myself from my own profile! LOL...
  9. Melbourne
    I have not driven in last 2 days and I will not drive anymore. I am selling my car in Jan and going Europe on 18th Jan on one way ticket. I will stay there for extended period of time. Not sure how long. Uber driving was nice with all the ups and downs, moments of happiness and moments of...
  10. London
    Working after a year as XXL driver finally I made the decision that isn't worthy . Driving in London it's been insane never been easy even if you a pro driver. Bad drivers,traffic changes ,terrible congestions,terrible cyclist ,lot of roads closure, maintenance roads every week ,London events...
  11. Atlanta
    I totally quit driving after dynamic pricing came to town for a multitude of reasons awhile back. I used to be downright methodical with getting mostly all surge rides; even then it wasn't much money for sure but doable for a part-timer like me. For those of you still out there, what's been your...
  12. Advice
    Keep Driving, Keep Complaining or Quit. I'll keep you posted, Once I pay for my current vehicle. I will purchase a Mercedes Benz 250 if UBER does not get shutdown in Tampa. Watch me do it for the UBER Haters! UBER ON!
  13. Advice
    What is the procedure when a driver gives a Nice 1 Star rating to some of these ungrateful, cheap, annoying disrespectful passengers?
  14. New Jersey
    At 5pm the busiest time of the day.there were no cars available in passaic,paterson and surrounding times.. all, of NJ had very little riders out there today. rides are tired of all the BS and are not driving for .85 in NJ. lol Let the customers pay now. We want $1.95 miles .45 per minutes and...
  15. Quit
    So on 2/29 at approximately 12:10am someone rear-ended me while I was transporting 3 Lyft passengers. Thankfully no one was hurt and the other driver's insurance is taking care of my damages. I should put my car in the shop within a few days then I'm off to SXSW to network and have a good time...
  16. Stories
1-16 of 17 Results