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  1. Brisbane
    Why has Uber Eats got so quiet this week? Last week was dead too (especially Mon/Tues nights). This time last year I did $350 p/w on average making $50 per night. This week and last I could barely make $35 working from 6pm-9pm. Only From Weds night did I make above $30 with ease. Early Jan and...
  2. Melbourne
    When it's a little quiet, what's your sure fire way to get a ping? I find if you fart, inadvertently or intentionally, a ping will follow almost immediately. Thereafter a drive with all windows down follows prior to the pickup. Trust me it always works!
  3. Sydney
    Most areas look dead. The 6.00pm surge was small and limited. There's no major concert too.
  4. Sydney
    After the early morning rush, it's been very quiet. Even at airport only 40 cars but haven't moved much in the qieue after waiting for 20 minutes.
  5. Sydney
    Sifting through the forum I've noticed a reoccurring theme. Every week more and more people are posting about how slow it is. What if it isn't slow? What if slow is the new normal and busy days are exception?
  6. Phoenix
    i have struggled this week no business conventions and nothing going on. I hope I can pull this one out very quiet this week.
  7. Canberra
    Quietest Monday morning I can remember in recent times. 1 request in 90 minutes and I even passed on that as it was 10 minutes away. Got me to thinking why, and I could only come up school holidays? Coupled with the fact next Monday is a pub hol, maybe there are alot of people on leave/away...
1-7 of 7 Results