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  1. London
    Does anyone know where the express waiting queue at Heathrow? When I get the alert it usually directs me to a restricted access area near T3. Anyone got an insight?
  2. Seattle
    Yesterday I picked up a Pax from the airport. To my delight he was not only in the right pick up spot but when he came over he checked my front plate. When he got in he told me this story of a suspicious Uber driver. He said he travels often for business so he knows the procedures at the...
  3. Denver
    I have been doing mostly DIA rides for a while and have some serious complaints against drivers, to the point that I made an account on here to get this across to people. Here we go: 1. Please stop tailgating, cutting off, or almost running me or other drivers off the road in order to get ahead...
  4. Canberra
    Hi All, So I popped into the Greenlight Hub today to ask about the email, and the update on our Driving Apps regarding the location change for the Electronic Airport Queue. At this stage they are telling us to still queue at Majura Park as usual, until further notice when the new location is...
1-4 of 4 Results