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  1. London
    I was just stopped by police picking up from the one way system at around 9 pm. I was waiting by the Tun for 1 minute, pax said he is coming. There was no traffic, blue light flashing behind me beeping. I moved and he switched off blue lights and went away. My question is can police do this and...
  2. Washington DC
    Lets say you are Ubering in Adams Morgan around 10.30pm on a Friday or Saturday, and boost is active, lets say the boost is 1.5x. You get a ping, and the destination is in MD, like Oxon Hill, Hyattsville, College Park, or Rockville where you have to drive in non highway roads. 1 - Do you reject...
  3. Baltimore
    Even though Uber was notified within 3 business days of a citation issued from a traffic cop, and later a point was issued to the drivers record, will that point cause the driver to no longer be eligible to drive for Uber?
  4. Miami
    You guys make 200 a day, friday, saturday and sunday? Is possible??
1-4 of 4 Results