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  1. Las Vegas
    Oh uber! Your $5 per ride quest bonus’ geofencing is nonexistent for “trios starting in S. Las Vegas”. 4 times I’ve driven and arrived at South Point only to be pinged for airport pickups. Ive written and called “support”, but I’m told that b/c the rides are outside the boundaries, they aren’t...
  2. Washington DC
    hey everybody I'm a new driver in the DMV and have been kind of surprised by the quests I'm getting ($10 and other low amounts for >40 rides). What kind of offers are you getting? Wondering if I'm just getting screwed...
  3. San Diego
    I got a quest. From Lyft. $200 bonus for 65 rides prior to 0400 next Friday. That’s not a quest, that’s a $3.07 grind per ride. : pass:
  4. San Diego
    Hey just wondering if everyone received this message on Thursday and if you did if you are receiving the same error? Thanks for the help.
  5. Pay
    I’ve been driving since the start of Dec. I’ve never received a quest promotion. The past two weeks I’ve received them via email & within the app under notifications. Both times the link doesn’t load and posts an error message. I just spoke to Customer Service & they said it wasn’t an Uber...
  6. Complaints
    I’m so Pissed ? ??. on Saturday I chose a quest that was $185 for 80 trips M-F which is actually probably attainable here is Nashville this week because of the CMA awards on Wednesday. This morning I go into my app and it’s showing a completely different quest of $50 for 40 trips. That is...
  7. San Diego
    15 for $18, Friday and Monday. Such generosity. I could probably do that just on Friday. My last quest offer was the Memorial Day 10 for $100.
  8. San Diego
    Sadly, I must decline. #dumbassalgorithm
  9. Pay
    Has anyone actually done it? I think the most I ever did Mon-Fri was around 80. ?
  10. UberEATS
    I've been off of the uber driver app for about 6 months and recently did one trip so i could get my quests/boosts back. However, I noticed that the payouts for the quests and boosts were a lot smaller than what I used to get offered is this the same for everyone? Would appreciate some...
  11. Advice
    Hey guys, I am a brand new Fort Collins & Denver driver. I decided to do this because my truck broke down. Plus, I am a night owl. My first question is because I am renting through Hertz I have a quota I must hit in order for the car to be paid by uber. I am generally working between 9 pm...
  12. Washington DC
    My Monday thru Friday Quest - 70 rides by 4am this morning, $50. Woke up early to get in my last ride by 4am. Picked up my 70th ride at 3:47am this morning.. Expected to see the $50 after the ride ended at 4:02am, nothing.. I called Uber support. As usual the rep repeats the same reason for...
  13. Pay
    does anyone have a quest this week? I am used to getting a text from Uber asking me to select the # of trips going to drive Mon-Thursday.. and zero this week. I am also NOT getting any consecutive trips promos... is it just me? thx.
  14. Philadelphia
    the ants leave their nest all awaken chase the quest the bank repossess
  15. Atlanta
    Soooo who's saying F*** that new streak BS??? For sure i am. I'm still driving. Just not chasing 5 extra dollars for taking the next 3 rides that come to me under the promise that they'll give me A WHOLE FIVE BUCKS for doing 3 rides. I'm not doing multi-pool (a pool ride where i stop and pick up...
  16. Advice
    Hey LA Uber drivers, is it just on my Uber app or there's no Uber Quest this week in LA...!? Much appreciated any infos, thank you!
  17. UberEATS
    This quest makes me really want to get out there for UE. It’s crap compared to the extra $4 per trip they have been sending.
  18. Chicago
    Finally after almost a month unable to drive--a gloriously BUSY weekend. I made about $50 in Consecutive Rides and $75 Quest for 55 trips. (Sigh. Last summer, 55-trip Quests were as high as $110). I can't reach 55 trips on a routine weekend--a few holidays but more often, weather events...
  19. Dallas
    So I've been driving for Eats only since about September (2018). Through December, I was getting pretty good Boosts and Quests, but now it's horrible. I've heard that maybe new drivers get better stuff, so I'm curious if January is just a dead time and it will pick back up again, or if I...
  20. San Francisco
    hi guys, I’ve been driving with Ub** for 4 years, and my quest is getting worse and worse every week. Seriously, 40 trips for $40!!! Option one is 120 trips in 3 days!!! I usually do 70 trips for $270 and now 70 trips for only $85!!! Who has the same problem?
1-20 of 120 Results