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  1. Complaints
    I don’t know how anyone is handling things or how the stupid virus is where ever you are. One thing I can bet is that you hate how Ubet/Lust is handling things. It’s not surging here (Detroit) because perhaps people are attracted to the quests. I don’t find doing 70 runs for an extra $200 very...
  2. Chicago
    From another thread: Disclaimer: I followed the sage advice of "Just drive" and made some good cash...and yet-- HIGH BAR I used to get random, and sometimes tiered, Quests (Example: $20 for 25 trips, $45 more for an additional 25 trips.). Since summer I've had flat Quests, always 55 trips...
  3. Washington DC
    Going for my Quest this weekend, 40 rides/ $95. I put in very long days Friday and Sat. and Sunday still had 11 left... I started driving around 6:30 pm and wasn’t sure I had enough time for 11 rides... Sundays can be brutal. So I had my teen son order 2 rides from near our home to a fast food...
  4. Chicago
    Has any ever hit the $45. OR Is that just a carrot to get you on the road during rush hour? The best I've done is 3 from 5-7. So totally a bust. And totally not achievable. Are you packing 5 separate quick pool trips. Where yiu pick up 3 poolers each. That is nuts to even try.
1-4 of 4 Results