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  1. Pay
    From the fine print of all recent Quest incentive emails: Choose your Quest *If no Quest is selected by midnight on Sunday, the Default Quest Option will be automatically applied. *This offer is for drivers only who directly received the offer email or in the Driver...
  2. Pay
    Here's a spot to share your personalized Quest incentive values for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Show us all just how horrendous Uber is to you.
  3. Complaints
    I don’t know how anyone is handling things or how the stupid virus is where ever you are. One thing I can bet is that you hate how Ubet/Lust is handling things. It’s not surging here (Detroit) because perhaps people are attracted to the quests. I don’t find doing 70 runs for an extra $200 very...
  4. San Diego
    Sadly, I must decline. #dumbassalgorithm
  5. Washington DC
    Anyone else get an updated Quest? Super ants or what?
  6. Washington DC
    Really Dara? This sucks, and not the good kind of sucking
1-6 of 6 Results