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  1. Advice
    Here's a spot to share your personalized Quest incentive values for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Show us all just how horrendous Uber is to you.
  2. Complaints
    So today I got my offer for next weeks quest (pictured above) Unfortunately it’s getting smaller and smaller. As I drive more and get close to gold status, I wonder if that is the reason why or if everybody seen a decrease. It seems to vary it seems. I’m in San Diego and it’s getting smaller and...
  3. Complaints
    I don’t know how anyone is handling things or how the stupid virus is where ever you are. One thing I can bet is that you hate how Ubet/Lust is handling things. It’s not surging here (Detroit) because perhaps people are attracted to the quests. I don’t find doing 70 runs for an extra $200 very...
  4. Advice
    does anyone have a quest this week? I am used to getting a text from Uber asking me to select the # of trips going to drive Mon-Thursday.. and zero this week. I am also NOT getting any consecutive trips promos... is it just me? thx.
  5. Chicago
    From another thread: Disclaimer: I followed the sage advice of "Just drive" and made some good cash...and yet-- HIGH BAR I used to get random, and sometimes tiered, Quests (Example: $20 for 25 trips, $45 more for an additional 25 trips.). Since summer I've had flat Quests, always 55 trips...
  6. Washington DC
    I made a couple quests over the last few weeks so last weekend's 40 rides for $90 has graduated to 65 rides for...you guessed it...the same Quest bonus of $90. At an average of two rides per hour that equals at least 33 ride hours to pull this off over Friday thru Sunday. Actually, if I were a...
  7. Washington DC
    I was at 39 of 40 at 12:30am last night sitting on U street thinking I'd be done in the next few minutes with one last rider. At 1:30am I realize the Uber algorithm has me as the last person in the area to get a ping. Lots of people out and Uber cars getting rides no problem except me! I...
1-8 of 8 Results