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  1. Brisbane
    Some drivers are upset at ALL drivers knowing the waybill/iphone cancellation trick. The upset drivers are sending out FAKE deactivation screen shots. Dont let this phase you 👍
  2. Brisbane
    The iPhone airplane mode destination exploit (instructions) It appears not everyone knows how to do this, so here is what you need to do. I can confirm that this exploit continues to work with the latest driver app version. The exploit will reveal the rider's exact destination address before...
  3. Brisbane
    This went bad for drivers in the U.S, its here now in Brisbane! pick up some sick or injured passenger & cart them home for next to nothing. Ehat a 🤬’n joke!! https://www.uber.com/en-AU/blog/uber-health-au/
  4. Brisbane
    InDriver pays the least out of a buch of Rideshare apps that don’t pay enough already. Thanks InDriver for setting what a driver can offer, idiots!! Disappointing thing is that most muppets (drivers) don’t even know InDriver pays them the least… They will after im finished spreading the word…
  5. Brisbane
    Contact the lawyers in the link below if your deactivated for cancellations. Register your name & details with them as their chafing at the bit for another big payday/commission from Ubers illegal actions on its drivers. https://harmers.com.au/about-us-workplace-fairness/contact-us/ There’s...
  6. Brisbane
    Yes some truths but still some lies no doubt backed by Ubers money - Lie 1. A 17yr old is using the platform but Uber doesn’t allow for this - https://help.uber.com/driving-and-delivering/article/requests-from-underage-riders---?nodeId=43b84de6-758b-489e-b088-7ee69c749ccd Lie 2. Uber...
  7. Brisbane
    Thanks for making things so much better, I’m sure this will help drivers earnings & improve the overall experience. Thanks Uber your the beast 👍👍👍
  8. Brisbane
    Lots of toll cheapskates riders around who have realised they can rip drivers off by avoiding tolls. Its an upfront fare thats calculated using the shortest time & distance to get to destination. fares DONT adjust to pay drivers correctly for avoiding tolls!
  9. Brisbane
    Looks like our personal info is up for sale - https://ola-website-new.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/supply/psob/images/driver-tnc-en-au-1.3.pdf
  10. Brisbane
    This is horribly miss leading & really shows how Uber doesn’t take driver experience into account. He’ll Uber doesn’t even count its own 27.5% commission as an expense. Read the fine print down the bottom, it’s the only thing close to the truth… The estimate is missing - Ubers 27.5% GST, Tax...
  11. Brisbane
    So how much is indrivers transaction fee when you cash out? Why wont they disclose the details???
  12. Brisbane
    DIDi has finally copped a bashing from Fairwork for trying to control ABN/Contractors with the DIDi advanced regime. Now DIDi has dropped its take to 15%, for everyone (because how they had it was illegal) i wonder if DIDi will back stab drivers by dropping the actual rates riders pay. At the...
  13. Brisbane
    DIDi blatantly lied about charging 6c extra for fuel, no proof & no sign of it after completing a trip. Didi did raise rates to $1.22 but left low life vaccinate at $1.15 outer metro DIDi is paying considerably less than Uber - 16c less a kilometre! There’s plenty of dummies who cant add up...
  14. Brisbane
    This effect’s me as a truck driver, this has to up the risks for all - https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-04-11/qld-covert-police-mobile-phone-seatbelt-cameras-new-fines/100978740
  15. Brisbane
    Uber has extended the life of vehicles allowed on the platform to 12yrs. Due to older cars now being allowed on the platform I’ve noticed a resurgence in drivers using the old Holden Cruze. Good help the riders! https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/holden-cruze
  16. Brisbane
    It’s come to my attention that the online gaming community is targeting Uber drivers with fake earnings screenshots. These online gamer’s can’t afford their own cars & have noticed that Ubers are hard to get these days due to the unaffordable costs that are associated with driving for Uber...
  17. Brisbane
    Don’t be fooled by Ubers paid keyboard warriors on here. Those screen shots are fake & if not there terribly deceiving. To make $500 in a shift your going to be doing easily 1000 kilometres. Thats $160 in fuel if your driving a 1.6lt petrol car, $80 in a hybrid, $20 in a Tesla (not to mention...
  18. Brisbane
    I can’t stand the penny pushers DIDi attracts, their pathetic & i feel im degrading myself offering my vehicle to these types. The amount of senseless spam trip offerings DIDi offers is also concerning, if they label it “decline without consequence” then don’t even bother offering it if there’s...
  19. Brisbane
    I’ve noticed Ola’s trip offerings are getting more & more pathetic/VERY few & far between. I used to score a really good fare once every few days then it became once a week now it’s almost once a month so its not really worth having in the background. Ola’s customer base also seems to be fried...
1-20 of 58 Results