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  1. Montreal (French Canada)
    Even though it has been crickets in this forum for some time, I'm going to post this here, and see if any of the user base can help the fellow out, just click through to the thread posted elsewhere in the forum. https://uberpeople.net/threads/i-need-advice-on-a-hit-and-run.397940/
  2. News
    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41604498 Uber has backed down from its threat to leave the Canadian province of Quebec over new rules it felt were too restrictive. The ride-sharing company, based in San Francisco, was due to halt its operations in the province on Saturday. Uber...
  3. News
    "They think they own everything, sorry, not my cup of tea" #likeAboss
  4. Montreal (French Canada)
    Le gouvernement a déposé un nouveau décret aujourd'hui et Uber n'a qu'à payer 268$ pour recevoir son permis d'Intermédiaire Taxi ce qui ne devrait pas tarder. Maintenant aux chauffeurs à se mettre aux nouvelles normes.... Permis classe 4C, etc...
  5. Montreal (French Canada)
    I was questioning myself what would be a driver's benefit with the Pilot project. Income minus commission minus expenses minus 28.5% income tax (Qc 16% Can 12.5%) - will leave what kind of revenue to drivers ? Is it worth the trouble ?
  6. Montreal (French Canada)
    The pilot project start officially on October 14, 2016 BUT... To be legal, Uber has to receive his 'Taxi Intermediate License''. Uber asked for this permit and is now waiting. It might take a few weeks or months. Offering the service before is ILLEGAL for UBER and for DRIVERS.
  7. Montreal (French Canada)
    Le projet-pilote débute officiellement le 14 octobre, MAIS attention... Uber doit avoir en main son ''Permis d'Intermédiaire en Service Taxi'' avant d'être légal. Donc les chauffeurs aussi seront ILLÉGAUX et risquent d'être interpelés.
  8. Montreal (French Canada)
    The Ministerial Order for the Pilot-Projet has been published today, Septembre 30, 2016. Article 57 says it will take effect 15 days after being published. =>> October 15, 2016. ==>> Plus, Article 54 from this Order says that anyone working before Uber gets the Taxi Intermediate Permit, is...
  9. Montreal (French Canada)
    The agreement for the pilot project says drivers need a Class 4C. December 7 comes fast. Don't be late to get it. You should contact the SAAQ asap.
  10. Montreal (French Canada)
    Vous pouvez voir les nouvelles conditions pour être chauffeur Uber dans la province du Québec dans forum Montréal. Notez qu'il est encore risqué de conduire avant le 29 septembre 2016.
  11. Montreal (French Canada)
    Le BTM (Bureau du Taxi de Montréal) qui fait la police sur l'ile de Montréal m'a confirmé pour courriel que les chauffeurs qui conduisent avant le 29 septembre risquent: 1- une amende de 3700$ 2- saisie du véhicule pour 7 jours 3- perte du permis de conduire pour 7 jours Que peut faire le...
  12. Montreal (French Canada)
    Bonjour le monde de Québec, j'essaie de partager le plus d'information concernant l'entente sur le forum de Montréal. Merci de nous suivre ...
  13. Montreal (French Canada)
    The Montreal Taxi Bureau just told me in an email that any driver could: 1- get a 3700$ fine 2- get his car seized for 7 days 3- loose his driver's permit for 7 days Anything the office can do about this ?
  14. Montreal (French Canada)
    Since the agreement that Uber Quebec and Quebec Government signed on Sept 9, we are expecting information from the office of Montreal. What's next ? As per the agreement, old drivers have up to December 7, 2016 to get a 4C driver permit, get the right insurance, Uber sticker. As per the...
  15. Introductions
    i noticed there isn't a section for Montreal, Canada in the forums. I'm a driver here for the last few months, X and Select. I've met other drivers at events (Icecream, pride, etc.) but I was wondering if there are any other drivers on this forum, perhaps we could ask to create a page for our...
1-15 of 15 Results