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  1. News
    Full: https://www.recode.net/2018/11/16/18098546/uber-san-francisco-air-quality-masks California's devastating wildfires are causing unhealthy air conditions for locals breathing in harmful fumes - and a good sales opportunity for some Uber drivers. In San Francisco, which currently has the...
  2. Complaints
    Y'all know. You've heard the spiel. Pax get in the car and ask you; "So are you from here?" Am I from here, as in Atherton? One of the richest places per capita in the world? (Median income*: $1,063,888 // Median home price: $3,475,000 ca.2014) If I could afford to live HERE in Atherton...
  3. Technology
    Hey all. Question about Pandora through the Uber App. What's the music quality like? Does anyone know what it's set to? Can it be modified? My concern is that it's set to a low quality music stream, and if that's the case, I'd like to change it to a higher quality music stream
1-3 of 3 Results