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  1. New Jersey
    If this has been answered definitively elsewhere then I'm sorry for starting a new thread on this topic. I did find some tangential posts and read those. What I am trying to define is what cars are acceptable (an unacceptable) for UberX and XL. Uber's info for NJ states: Uber XL: 4-door...
  2. Advice
    I get to Sunday morning, I've had a lazy week all round, plus I've ignored a shitload of Pools. I'm on 46 trips with 65% acceptance in the Promotions screen (Not the Ratings screen). I ask myself, if I take every Ping they send me today, how many trips do I need to get back up to SF's 75%...
  3. Vehicles
    Aloha! Just recently started driving for Uber and I had a great week so far. I'm about to buy a new car but I wanted to make sure it will qualify for Uber in Honolulu. Does anyone know if an Audi A3 (hatchback) or a BMW 328 (station wagon) would qualify? Thanks in advance!
1-3 of 3 Results