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  1. Stories
    Woman claims Uber driver tried to scam her out of $150 cleaning fee
  2. Complaints
    On Saturday one ********* puked on back seat, I took photos and send uber to claim cleaning fee but there is no response at all, already 3 days now, What to do ?
  3. Lyft
    So I had a puker this past week on Lyft. Lyft reimbursed me the full $150 but took it out of the PAXs tip. The PAX tipped $16.85 so technically the PAX paid $133.15 in cleaning fees. Is this technically allowed? Thanks to another member, @njn in the Jersey forum for pointing that out for me.
  4. Seattle
    BrunchWell-Known Member Not even a dedicated post this year for New Year's. :p I'll be giving some rides today, but I'm not messing with the pukers later tonight and tomorrow morning. My first ride of this year I had a puker just a little after midnight. The dude had his window down and I asked...
  5. Portland
    I had a passenger puke in my car. I am an Uber Select so I drive luxury. This was an Uberx rider. The cleanup cost me $300 uber only paid $150!! I would post the pics but don't know how.
  6. Stories
    Never had a pax ask if someone has puked in my car before... 3 different occasions last night people asked if someone has and one girl told her friend she jinxed me. Last ride of the night, guy pukes in my backseat. I was pissed and quiet for the next 10 minutes thinking this cant be true...
  7. Chicago
    Rider needed fresh air. Just dry heaved. I handed him one of the bags I carry. He's the first rider who actually needed it. Seemed like he was mostly being cautious, he wasn't spewing....until he was. I actually made things worse by handing him a bunch of kleenexes, because he took one hand off...
  8. Washington DC
    WTF! My third pick up for the night and I get a puker! Luckily she threw up on the outside of my door but it's too damn cold outside to clean it off! I hope you all lucked out better than I did!
  9. New York City
    so I had a passenger today from Manhattan to Ridgefield Park NJ, and after 10 minutes she puked in the car , so I took the pictures and send it right away to the Uber , my question is how much should uber pay me for cleaning?
  10. Portland
    I had my first puker tonight, she got most of it out of the ride but left a nice wet spot of something in my seat, we will see what uber says/does about it (no tip either. Naturally) I also cancelled on a pax tonight because I showed up where she said she was and got a call from her stating...
  11. Advice
    I had my first passenger vomit all over the front seat of my car tonight. I immediately pulled over and took pictures. I have leather and most of the vomit made it on the floor mat and the leather. I was able to clean up the seat, dumped the floor mat into a trash bag, and Febrezed the hell...
  12. St. Louis
    Hello St. Louis, I finished my first week last night and was lucky enough to experience a sick passenger on a 20+ minute ride. Luckily I had a more than adequate trash can hanging from my seat and the more sober of the two passengers made sure the drunk got everything in the trash. Inspecting...
  13. Washington DC
    Caitlyn was my first. Took my cherry. First puker that is. I've done a R.C.H. short of 3000 trips on Uber and finally had my first puker. 4 girls from Catholic going from Rumors at 19th & M to UMD chasing guys. On Rhode Island Avenue Caitlyn (not the account holder) put the back passenger...
  14. Complaints
    So I was driving back some amicable pax when suddenly one in the back rolled down his window and stuck his head out briefly. When I asked if everything was fine he assured me and I took them home. Of course, I wasn't fooled, so I got out and sure enough, puke on my freshly washed car. Ugh. I...
1-14 of 14 Results