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  1. Providence
    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole Ubereats and I live in a city about 10 or 15 minutes away from Rhode Island. Was just wondering; what are the best spots to do ubereats on a bike and get a lot of deliveries? I don't seem to be getting any where I live, maybe due to the fact that this place is...
  2. Providence
    Is it still open? Google site says "closed permanently". Haven't driven in a few months. Had to update my vehicle info and now need an "inspection".
  3. Providence
    Hello, I started driving Uber and Lyft full time in January, in mid January I started getting Uber quests which prompted me to stick with them the whole week to complete quests, when Lyft saw I stopped driving for them around the first week of March Lyft sent me a weekly guarantee of 80 rides...
  4. Lyft
    Hi hi so if I am a Providence-based Lyft driver, will I or will I not be offered pick-ups in Boston if I go sit up there with the app on? Because I've been sitting up here....brunch/churchtime on a Sunday with no hits for an hour.....
  5. Providence
    so I got CarGo to try getting some extra income while doing rideshare. I’ve had it for a little while. The pros Easy to use. (Pax doesn’t have to sign up for app or download anything) At least 4 Free items to offer and you get paid $1 for each order Charging and lighting Cons Awkward...
  6. Providence
    Got the notice in the app to opt in and then an email notification. First, who is going to do it? Second, is it just going to be Providence or will other cities like Warwick, Cranston, and Woonsocket be part of it.
  7. Providence
    I've done a lot of drop offs at Providence Place Mall. It's a popular destination. Usually I drop off in the bus lane in front of Panera Bread. Well, that's obviously not the right spot. Today I watched a Providence cop ticket a Lyft driver just as I was pulling up. I kept on going and looped...
  8. Providence
    It's been a real grind so far in November. Getting a lot less frequent pings and fewer long trips. Earnings are down about 15% so far. Lots of drivers say November isn't good. So, what do we do to adjust? What are your strategies for getting by during the slow period of winter?
  9. Providence
    I'm plotting the shifts I'll work for Halloween and planning the locations I'll hit. Obviously there will be some party goers in Providence tonight. Wondering if there will be any surge? Anyone have the latest on weather tomorrow and thoughts on how it might impact demand/drivers on the road...
  10. Providence
    I've learned a lot from these forums, but the advice only goes so far. A lot of times I get the 'I don't want to share X secret for fear the hordes will copy me' I guess that's valid in some respect. However, I don't see almost anyone on this board. And with only 110,000 total members on the...
  11. Providence
    is me or Providence is starting to be a small market for Lyft and Uber , today Providence was like full of drivers waiting for a ride , even the Airport was like that too... i guess Boston it is :)
  12. Providence
    So many have told me to go do the Fri/Sat late night bar scene in Boston Is there any similar bit of business on Saturday night in Providence/Pawtucket/Woonsocket for bar goers needing rides home? I got a few pax last Saturday night in Woonsocket, but wasn't out long enough to really try the...
  13. Providence
    I had a good day around Providence/Lincoln/Cumberland. Caught some surge a few times and wondering if anyone else did. Lots of college kids wanting rides into the train stain, then I'd sit in Providence and catch a request in surge zone. RI may not have high rates but you can get a lot of...
  14. Providence
    Where are good spots in RI? I've heard a lot of conflicting info from drivers (that convinced me to give ridesharing a try). I've heard Brown and Bryant in the morning are decent. How about Providence on Friday and Saturday night? worth it or just drive up to Boston? I'm just looking to...
  15. Stories
    Good Morning... (Good God! It is 5:AM Sunday... decades ago I would be going to sleep about now... These days I am just waking up and squinting at the PC while sucking down some "Wake Me Up" tea.) It has become obvious to me over the last 3 months that the UBER experience on the West Coast, as...
  16. Providence
    Hello coming into Boston July 3 leaving July 5th or 6th need to be at Boston airport by atleast 11:30 am either day pickup at Omni Htel downtown providence 4/20 friendly car preferred not mandatory so uberX or Uber black is probably best please call or text me at 414-739-0874
  17. Providence
    Hi , im starting a job tomorrow 4.27.16 and my only way to get there is uber , I'm going from Providence to N.kingstown next to quonset at 530am-600am, I'm so scared that there will not be any drivers!! , Are there any ?? Has Anyone been through this before please help. I really need this job bad
  18. Providence
    I'm looking for a legal uber driver with some experience, a blue card and a clean driving record to drive my vehicle occasionally on days when I have a scheduling conflict.
  19. Providence
    Hello, Please join Rhode Island Uber Drivers facebook group and our Zello channel. We use Facebook & most importantly to abide by the no texting while driving laws, we use Zello, a walkie takie app, to network with fellow RI Uber Drivers while we are out on the road to help with surges...
  20. Providence
    Hey all, I have done a handful of trips from Providence to Boston and it has always been a $150 flat rate. This is one of the few times we can actually make money still especially if you can drive in Boston as well. The other night I took a rider from downtown to Boston at a 1.4x surge and the...
1-20 of 22 Results