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  1. Philadelphia
    What company doesn't try to frack you? Unattainable bonuses, more hours with the same pay? This is real life and welcome to it *****es. Uber and Lyft are not unique. Business owners will ALWAYS sense your comfort and make every attempt to cut a dollar at your expense. It's a story as old as...
  2. Pay
    Protest slave pay 3/17/2018. @ridesharepay on Twitter. Enough is enough for low driver pay. Get the word out. We have $1 surge in my city. We have 60 cents a mile. It’s HORRIBLE. And no I barely drive for Uber anymore. But I might if the rates were reasonable.
  3. Charlotte
    Protest Charlotte rates in February. Nothing to lose. Click like so I know your’re interested. A Meetup is pending
  4. Lyft
    20% BonusAcceptance 90% 35 Peak Rides 35 Total rides 75 10% Bonus Acceptance 90% Peak Rides 25 required %50 This is they respond to the people after profiting from the Uber Trump protest, By squeezing the drivers even more by make them work longer hours and not being able to get an free day...
  5. Miami
    Back in 2015, 2 Uber drivers living in Southeast Florida came up with an idea to protest to the travesty of Uber and Lyft consistently dropping prices and in Uber's case, not making allowance for tips via the app. The idea was shared with many drivers all across the USA, yet many drivers were...
  6. Perth
    Im leaving full time driving soon, after more than a year I cant stand it anymore. We slaves are being used and squeezed by Uber. There's no point in wasting our time driving for a company that gives us no margin and too low a minimum fare, and most of all don't care or listen to the drivers. I...
  7. San Francisco
    There has been much criticism about Uber besides what we experience first hand and sometimes discuss here. To name a few: Contractors or Employees User privacy, Sabotage against competitors, Safety, and etc... So how well do we really know this company? This thread is intended to...
1-7 of 7 Results