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  1. Complaints
    Had someone get money from Uber because of Corona Virus sickness or get some masks or other things to protect yourself ? Thank you for your answer.
  2. Stories
    Hey guys i am from germany and wanted to know what you think about these Healthcare rides for "systemrelevant" people like Doctors or nurses etc. Do many of them take these offers? Sry but i am asking for my research.. If you have questions than ask me
  3. Houston
    How does Uber change the working conditions in times of Corona and what do you think about the measures from Uber? Has someone got corona sick pays or know someone who get this? What are your experiences and what do you think About this measure? What do you get for your protection and the...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    1.What do u think about the Anti- Corona protection measures and the changed conditions of Uber? 2.Did Uber pay the Corona sickpays in case of Corona illness? 3.Do you get something to protect yourself, or did you have to protect yourself with your own resources? And does Uber check the follow...
  5. Chicago
    What do you think about the Anti- Corona measures and the changed policy of Uber? Are the Corona Virus Sick pays really payed and how much did you get payed? (If you got Covid-19) What are your experiences? Do you get ressources to protect yourself as an Uber Driver, or did you have to take care...
  6. London
    I am appealing to moderators not to remove this thread. The only way, to protect yourself from coronavirus, is to supercharge your immune system. To do that follow these simple procedures: 1- Keep clean as much as you can. 2- Eat raw food as much as possible. 3- Wash all your raw food first...
1-6 of 7 Results