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  1. Tampa
    For the Tampa Ed Sheeran concert I did two pick ups Uber didn't pay me the promotion posted. Anyone else? I didnt get home until 1 am for nothing!
  2. San Francisco
    Im curious if I’m alone. Every single day for the past nine, the new Driver app fails to do one or more of the simple things we depend on it to do, like process fares and keep a running list of trips in real time, track driver promotions and progress, pay out, or count to three. As a result of...
  3. Advice
    Hey there, I'm a reporter with The Washington Post and I'm writing a story about the promotions and subsidies Uber offers drivers in some cities. For example, does Uber pay you extra money if you take a certain amount of trips each week? Are you guaranteed a certain fare with every trip you...
  4. Washington DC
    I was denied a promotion payment by uber.The funny thing when I emailed the uber support team about it they asked me to provide with the promotion email which I did, but still one after another they are sending me an email to provide the same thing. The sad thing they don't even read the email...
1-4 of 4 Results