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  1. Pay
    From the fine print of all recent Quest incentive emails: Choose your Quest *If no Quest is selected by midnight on Sunday, the Default Quest Option will be automatically applied. *This offer is for drivers only who directly received the offer email or in the Driver...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Do drivers' apps have a weekly archive buried somewhere listing the promos that have been offered to them? I'm trying to check my earnings from the past few weeks and months to see whether I missed any promo payments that I should have received. Up till now, I haven't printed out/saved the...
  3. San Diego
    Not sure if it’s all of us or a select chunk of drivers out there, but this week absolutely zero Boost+ promotions. Zero. Zilch. Perhaps those are over now? It’s sucks because that helped out with gas a lot. Without the boosts I feel Uber isn’t worth driving for with its low rates. Anyone else...
  4. Complaints
    So today I got my offer for next weeks quest (pictured above) Unfortunately it’s getting smaller and smaller. As I drive more and get close to gold status, I wonder if that is the reason why or if everybody seen a decrease. It seems to vary it seems. I’m in San Diego and it’s getting smaller and...
  5. Nashville
    I have noticed this week, (Oct 4) that the promotions have ended for Nashville. Can anyone else confirm that? Also, when I take a reservation, the "Reservations" tab under the 3bars disappears totally. Has anyone else had this issue?
  6. Advice
    Do new or “newer” drivers get better promotions than experienced drivers? My roommate and I get drastically different promotions. We live in Atlanta. I get offers like $7 for 7 trips, $10 for 10 trips, etc... She gets promotional offers like 20 trips for $150. I’ve also recently heard...
  7. San Francisco
    This offer just popped up in my inbox. I'm curious to see who on the board would ignore it.
  8. Melbourne
    Another one of those surge killer/ other ride-share killer promos for the long weekend. Hope, some of you guys are able to achieve this bonus.
  9. Sacramento
    I drive full time for both companies, however I started driving for Lyft before Uber. One thing I’ve noticed after a few weeks is that the promos change from week to week, in fact they seem to get worse ( 3 rides streak promo). Can someone tell me how the promos work? Do they base them off...
  10. Chicago
    No quest so far this week. Anybody else?
  11. Pay
    I saw there was a promo this week. A Quest of $90 at 40 rides, and it then shows "+$135" at 60 rides. Though it's been awhile since I've completed both tiers in a quest, I would SWEAR on my life that I would get paid the face value of the advertised promo upon hitting each number of rides as...
  12. UberEATS
    Hi this is my first post but I was wondering if anybody that delivers in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area for ubereats have you ever seen a boost or a quest in Fort Lauderdale? I've been delivering for ubereats for a month and a half and I have never ever once saw a promotion in my area!!!! I...
  13. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So I got a 40 trips for $75 and 60 trips for $110. Does that mean if I complete the 40 trips I'll get $75 and if I do do 20 more rides for 60 I'll get another $110 on top of the $75 for a total of $185 or just the $75 + $35 for a total of $110. Thanx guys.
  14. Miami
    I've been driving for uber for a year now. I think i have received 3 promotions in that entire time. It i do 80 rides a week i don't get promos. If i do 10 i don't get any. Do any broward based drivers get promos? Also when you get one can you post it here? There must be 10000 drivers in...
  15. Portland
    Last few days I have had considerably more business on Lyft than Uber. Makes me think they are more aggressive about NYE promos. I run both apps equally. Yesterday I did 25 Lyft rides and 7 Ubers. Only one simultaneous ping, I chose Lyft cuz it was a block away. Meanwhile, Lyft is giving me...
  16. New Jersey
    Lyft has copied Uber and now has its own quest promotion.
  17. New Jersey
    Ive been working for 3 months and I have yet to get an offer for Boost, or promotions. I live in South Jersey. I had a passsenger that said he works for Uber part time and gets Boost offers every week. He lives in Philadelphia. My question is, should I change my registered account to...
1-18 of 18 Results