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  1. UberEATS
    I usually drive passengers throughout the week and do Uber eats on the weekend. Due to quest goals and consecutive trip promos the weekends with eats are highly profitable. I woke up today and my promos look like the screenshots. They are all now "Boost+" which does not appear to count for Eats...
  2. Washington DC
    So many ants out ruining surge and trip frequency this morning.
  3. Advice
    Me, my brother and uncle both drive Uber. We were all seated together today and discus what we earned on July 4th. When we compared our rating, I notice that for this week, both my bro and uncle have promos of $100 for 3 trips (Mon - Sun) — that is staggering $700 for 21 trips. I imagine they...
  4. Complaints
    Anyone else in NJ/NYC not receiving any quests? this is insane. I have friends who have received quests today but i didnt. Can anyone explain?
  5. Advice
    Current Promo: 35 trips at 25% fee, the rest of the week at 5% fee Started this promo yesterday. Did a great first day with only 7 left to hit the target and get the rest of the week at only 5% fee. 28 trips on day 1: Average per trip: $8 29 trips on day 2: Average per trip: $5 (-37.5%) (with...
  6. Lyft
    In Portland they have a promo code that the Maine DOT and Lyft is doing I forgot the promo codes name but I remember hearing it on 99.9 the wolf at around 7 am on Monday or Tuesday I think the promo code started with Safe but I am not sure about the full promo code but it was like 10 dollars off...
  7. Atlanta
    Good day guys, I noticed yesterday the "6 trip" promotion is not in Atlanta anymore, at least not this week. Im kinda new to this, will it come back? Those 20 dlls were SO good for the traffic.
  8. Melbourne
    I received a flyer in my mailbox today. The promo code is TONIGHTMELB.
  9. Pay
    Yesterday I had a pop up on my app that said starting 4pm on Friday through 11pm on Sunday, $100 for 65 rides. Now it’s gone and there isn’t a promo tap under earnings! Anybody???
  10. Complaints
    It was Sunday, around 6 pm, un San Francisco. I had 23 trips left to get the weekend promo. I would normally complete 23 before 1 am but something weird happened that Sunday: It seemed like 90% of the trips I was getting were long trips. They were long enough that they could extend to an hour...
  11. Chicago
    Has any ever hit the $45. OR Is that just a carrot to get you on the road during rush hour? The best I've done is 3 from 5-7. So totally a bust. And totally not achievable. Are you packing 5 separate quick pool trips. Where yiu pick up 3 poolers each. That is nuts to even try.
  12. News
    http://www.businessinsider.com/uber-ubereats-promotion-let-your-wife-take-a-day-off-from-the-kitchen-2017-9 Uber's food delivery service UberEats has run a promotional campaign offering to "let your wife take a day off from the kitchen" - sparking a barrage of angry criticism online. Uber...
  13. Miami
    Are they losing market share??
  14. Singapore
    Has anybody here visited Tiong Bahru market recently? Saw some people from Esso giving out vouchers to private hire drivers. Was in a hurry, didn't have time to check. I just saw the poster. Any idea what vouchers they're giving out?
  15. Oklahoma City
    I'm a driver in OKC and when I signed up for Uber there was some mix up and I was assigned the Dallas Promotion Calendar. Uber is telling me they will need to do another background check to switch my city to Oklahoma City. Also that this will put a pause on my driving for 2 - 3 weeks. I can't...
  16. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So lyft sent me this :D 5 miles?!? lol
  17. Connecticut
    What is the Best Bonus for New Lyft Drivers in Connecticut? I have seen "Get an extra $5.50 for every ride you give in your first 30 days, up to $550." Obviously, this is similar, but different than get $Bonus after completing X-rides. Please reply if you know of any Bonus Code that give a...
  18. Las Vegas
    I see I have met the requirements for this promo. When does it get paid out? After it expires or after I hit the mark?
  19. New York City
    Not sure if this is legit, but guess I'll be the guinea pig. Has anybody had success with something like this before? Must be a driver for companies other than Uber (e.g., Lyft, Via, or Juno). I simply went to this website and uploaded my non-Uber pay stubs from November/December, 2016. If...
  20. Las Vegas
    I signed up with Uber and I am waiting to get my car inspection. I see all of the Uber promos on TV, and they have countless ads on Craigslist. However, every time I log onto this forum, everyone is saying there are too many drivers. Why is Uber advertising so much if there is no work for...
1-20 of 26 Results