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  1. Australia
    Americans seem to have a Fares section on their profile in the Uber website that lists the time and distance based fares for their area. I don't have that in Hobart. Is it only an American thing?
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Looked at my profile today and my car color was black (it's red) and my licence plate number simply read "proxy". Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. Complaints
    Friends help! The only thing that I get in the application of uber partners is "thank you you are already registered" but I got an email that tells me to change the profile photo from the app but I can not see the menu nor my profile from the application
  4. Advice
    Hello, I went to Uber Auckland office today get myself activated. I asked the support staff to create me two separate vehicle profiles for UberX and UberEats. Although, they have created two profiles, one for UberEats only and the other one is for UberX and UberEats combined. The thing is...
  5. Pay
    This is more about Uber's finances than pay. Source Owler.
  6. Advice
    Hi everyone. I started the process of getting my Uber account SETUP yesterday. I noticed logging into the uber dashboard that it says "Rejected" under my profile pic. So I took a pic. It still says rejected. Is this normal? Screenshot below. I have no reason to be rejected for background...
  7. Detroit
    Hey uberrers and lyfters, I just got my UberSELECT uproved and i contacted uber support to create separate profiles for my car UberX only & UberSELECT only. They told me that i cant have uberSELECT alone and i have to do both X & SELECT together. I checked the uber app and i see drivers that...
  8. London
    Do they actually look at this page as all my doc's uploaded are still shown as pending or do I have to wait for the actual onboarding interview to have them approved/ticked whatever?
1-10 of 10 Results