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  1. Pay
    I do not understand it. After a trip, it can be hours before the app finishes "processing the payment". The best it can then give is an "estimate", which sometimes changes over time. And the final result is still off, in my experience about 50% of the time! If it's not Uber overcharging the...
  2. Dallas
    Weird night... rain, quirky passengers, etc and after 5 Lyft rides around Love field, no tips... odd for Lyft, even a chicken drive thru (pax changed location in middle or trip for this)... grand total of $25. Then a bit of Luck, Karma, God thing, etc... Back to Love Field...pick up a guy whose...
  3. Columbus
    I have been driving for over a year now and today noticed, for the first time, that my last five trips are still processing. Has anyone else experienced this and/or do you know if I should do anything or just wait. The oldest trip, still processing, was taken over 5 hours ago. Starting to get...
1-3 of 3 Results