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  1. London
    Does anyone know any good Pco car hire in the Coventry region?
  2. London
    Hey everyone, I’m waiting for my PCO licence to process and come through and I’ve been told that ringing them continuously can speed up the process. What should I say to them? And what power do they actually have to speed up your licence? Cheers
  3. London
    I’ve just finished my NVQ Level 2 for my PCO licence and submitted to TFL today. TFL are removing the NVQ entry route as of tomorrow (close call). My question is: what is the current wait time to receive the PCO licence through the post? And is there anyway that I can speed up this process...
  4. London
    Been with Viavan since April and these are some of my thoughts: 1. app is crap, 2. navigation is crap (illegal left/right turns and no entries), 3. rocket rates (surge) are good, but very few jobs available, 4. crap driver referral fee (£25), 5. live driver support via text is good, but via...
  5. London
    A few things to mention before all the cabbie trolls come in saying I will be working for less than minimum wage. Insurance from Acorn/Haven is £398 per month on a rented Toyota Prius. Used 2010 Toyota Prius is £80 rental per week. (From Gumtree)/ Source cheap Prius under £2.5k with PCO. Petrol...
  6. Manchester, UK
    Hi, I would like to register with Uber as a driver in Manchester and have seen that in Rossendale Council it is required to pass a Knowledge Test to get a licence. I have also seen that the test is very complex because they ask you to know many streets and locations in the city and it is almost...
  7. Birmingham, UK
    Hi guys- new to the website. Do I need a minimum number of years experience before I can start working for Uber? There is an option to bypass the PCO license on the registration website with just a standard license so I assume I don't need the private one? Also it says the earliest car I can use...
  8. London
    I know it's a double post but it's incase you missed it on another thread. All I did was ask a question, lol. I am going into this eyes wide open and asking questions which any new person should do wether they act on the advice is another matter. I have advised others in a previous career and...
  9. London
    Hi all, I'd like to explore the possibility of establishing a direct and discounted long-term relationship with an Uber LUX (Mercedes S class) driver who can drive me to and from work mon-fri and also drive me to Bath on Friday afternoon/evenings (or possibly early Saturday mornings) and then...
  10. London
    Hi all I'm thinking of getting my own car instead of hiring an insured PCO ready car. Does anybody know how much would an insurance cost for a new PCO holder? and does the personal no claim bonus counts? do you recommend any company? Looking forward for your replies and recomendations
1-10 of 10 Results