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  1. Washington DC
    So DC has the shaded areas that used to mean prime time but there’s apparently no more bonus in there. I know there’s the bonus zones where it builds but what’s the deal with the shaded areas now?
  2. Lyft
    What is your guys understanding of how shared rides with a prime time payout?
  3. Miami
    So there are 122 drivers not counting xl and lux... And it's Wednesday night at 11:45 . Oh and it's not even showing 25% at the top? Yeah lyft lemme jump in my car headed straight for MIA, full speed ahead. I mean drivers are needed.
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Already launched in Tampa and coming soon to Seattle... is LA next? ___________________________________________________ Find high demand nearby. You've shared that Prime Time helps you see where it's busy, but isn't a dependable way to earn more. So we're replacing it with something better: a...
  5. Washington DC
    Best ride in a while granted will only take a line if the request is over 150% so yeah kept passing them boys
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    Every week at midnight this happens to lyft.... Wondering why?
  7. Lyft
    Lyft expanded to my area recently. The area covered by a driver when online is roughly 60,000 or 65,000 people. Recently, we had two nights where either 3 or 4 drivers were driving and getting back-to-back fares. One was the college homecoming weekend (4 drivers had 118 fares between us that...
  8. Philadelphia
    How do they compare during primetime and surge/boost? I got those offers today from both. So, if ride is 10 miles.... Don't really know which Lyft pt% will be given until after the ride (but to be fair let's use 75%). I am trying to see which is more profitable.
  9. Washington DC
    Like most of you, I rarely drive Lyft because the pings are less frequent, the pick-up distances are usually arther away, and uh, PrimeTime Russian roulette. Just ridiculous. However, I'm considering trying Lyft more. Need some clarification on the light/dark pink areas. (also, answer D is...
  10. Technology
    I think all the rideshare services should make a change in the way they charge! First, they need to charge more. I think in most markets they can easily charge 50-60% of what a taxi charges. In my market they charge about 40%. Then I think they should do away completely with surge/prime time...
  11. Lyft
    Have you ever been scammed? The customer puts the ping on out of the primetime area then asks you to come to them while they are in the high primetime area. So they wait for you to arrive and then call and say can you meet me right in front of the concert while they are really a right in front...
  12. Washington DC
    So anyone else know whats going on up in baltimore everything inside the beltway is in Prime Time at least 25%. Im at BWI and I keep getting request from the city 20-30 mins away. Any thoughts?
  13. Lyft
    Here is now proof that Lyft primetime IS in-fact a scam. So I tired requesting a ride and saw 75% added, Within 1-2 seconds switched to the driver app and it NEVER SHOWED a heatmap of primetime rates! Take a look at these screenshots. Is it time to send Lyft a piece of our mind; for...
  14. Lyft
    Today was December 31 - New Year. I drove in San Francisco. At around 2:00am there was 200% primetime pretty much in every neighborhood of San Francisco. I picked up some passengers in the middle of a huge dark pink 200% prime time area. I'm talking about miles of prime time square in any...
  15. Technology
    Hello all, I'm very new driver, currently just for Lyft. I noticed today that my Lyft app would show the banner indicating "prime time 25-50% more" etc, but there was no area marked in red on the map. I can zoom around all over my state, but the app doesn't seem to display any prime zones. Am...
  16. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Was at JWAirport in Orange County and LYFT was at a 100% primetime and had three pax in a row after requested pickup all located just outside airport, one was actually on 405 freeway. So text to verify if at airport arrival or address is correct. And they all said at airport and so in...
1-16 of 16 Results