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  1. New Jersey
    i do not get prime time anymore. Lyft has completely shut off prime time and it makes me wonder does anyone even bother to drive Lyft? Even on rush hour I do not see prime time. How can some drive for .76 cents per mile and .12 cents per min in rush hour? Lyft has declared war on drivers.
  2. New Jersey
    Lyft has completely shut off Prme Time. Lyft is worse than Uber but their phone support is better than Uber
  3. Flex
    Hi all, My first post here, after doing Amazon Prime Now for about a few months. I was on and off because I'm a full time college student and I work UberEATS, Postmates etc and have picked up Amazon. I have not worked during the academic quarter but it seems that it's much harder to catch...
  4. Washington DC
    Quiet morning. Ready to go 6:45 Am @Temleytown. 3 trips in 2 hours.Barely $25 /hr on rush hour? See you all after 3pm. I am changing tactics. No more running around on non peak/non surges hours. Waste of time and money. 20 trips on Prime hours and GO HOME. It usually works better.!!!!!
  5. Flex
    I found this list of all the Amazon centers, hubs, fulfillment, distribution, etc ... It has the code # for the centers, as well as addresses and sizes ... The list also had what type of merchandise our food etc being shipped out of it ... At the very bottom is a lot of the definitions to what...
  6. Lyft
    Just got the following text message from Lyft, which addresses a common complaint: When PT is in effect, you'll see exact percentages with each ride request. This way you'll know what you're earning up front. Score. Not sure what "Score." means. Any ideas?
  7. Flex
    Check out these awesome Prime Now Car Magnets, perfect for downtown double parking... Just go to Amazon and search "prime now drivers" and it comes right up. Also search "amazon polo" for some cool flex drivers shirts as well.
1-7 of 7 Results